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What Is Microsuction Ear Wax Removal?


High-frequency hearing loss is fairly common after a certain age, but it doesn’t mean that your hearing has to remain that bad.

What Is Microsuction Ear Wax Removal?2021-10-13T16:03:52+01:00

Ear Wax Removal & Hearing Aids: Private Vs NHS


Ear wax removal & hearing aids are two major services and products provided by private and public audiologists, but who should you choose?

Ear Wax Removal & Hearing Aids: Private Vs NHS2021-08-13T13:03:57+01:00

How Do Hearing Aids (Digital) Work?


Hearing aids use a three-part system to amplify sound. The first part of this process is when the microphone inside the hearing aid picks up the sound and changes it to a digital signal.

How Do Hearing Aids (Digital) Work?2021-07-23T16:51:04+01:00